Myths about Modular Kitchens… Busted!

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All of us have recollections of our mothers and grandmothers cooking delicious meals as we came home from school with rats running in our belly! Even now, the smell of certain food reminds us of those beautiful memories. But time flies and one must move on to better things. With time, it is necessary to realize that your old trolley kitchen will not last long.

You might be reluctant to switch to a modular kitchen because of myths that float around in the market which might be clouding your decision. Let us bust these doubts in your mind so you can refurbish your old kitchen.

1. It is a tedious job to relocate modular kitchens.
– When you move to a new place, it can be a daunting thought to relocate your whole modular kitchen! But in fact, dismantling and reinstalling it, is not a herculean task. The entire purpose of creating standard size cabinets or modules is to offer our customer the benefit to relocate without any hassle.

2. Modular kitchens don’t last long.
– Having doubts about the quality of your designer modular kitchen is understandable. After all, you invest a huge amount of money in it! Most people complain about their modular kitchen falling apart and chipping at the edges. This is mainly due to the lack of precision work and the use of inferior materials. Mr. Kitchen is a well-known and trusted modular kitchen dealer in Pune, and we will only give you the latest modular kitchen designs with the best quality!

3. Modular kitchen is only for the affluent class.
– One of the most common misconceptions is that there is no such thing as a low price modular kitchen, and that only the rich can explore its benefits. Absolutely not! At Mr. Kitchen, we offer you a wide range of designer modular kitchen which will fit in your budget! In about Rs.2.5 lakh you can get the best kitchen designs with top-notch quality. For more details, visit any of our modular kitchen showrooms in Pune.

4. Modular Kitchens are tricky to adapt to.
– There might always be a lingering doubt on your mind as to how will your parents or grandparents be able to figure out ways around your hi-tech kitchen where the cabinets have no handles! Trust us, they are not hard to understand! In fact, they are built for convenience and efficiency which will ensure that your loved ones never face any difficulty and only enjoy their cooking experience.

So don’t hesitate to give yourself a better life in your kitchen. Be smart and choose a well-known modular kitchen dealer so there is never a compromise made for your forever kitchen.

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