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Trends in Kitchens

Modular kitchens keep pace with the advancement in technology and mindset. We offer you a spectrum of colours, designs, textures and functionalities to make your life simple. Each of these offerings changes with time to suit the sentiments of the public.

With food and cooking becoming a matter of passion and pride more than just a necessity, people like their kitchens to reflect luxury, comfort and premium quality.

Mr. Kitchen is the perfect choice for the modular kitchen of your dreams. Here is why:

  • Your kitchen is designed in 3-D to help you visualize how it will look
  • You can see, touch and feel the materials and options available with a variety of modular kitchens on display at our stores
  • It is a tailor-made kitchen to ensure that it suits your needs
  • You need not run from store to store. You can find the entire Indian kitchen range at one place
  • We offer hassle free installation: Professional and quick
  • Warranties: Get limited period lifetime warranty on kitchens
  • Our kitchens are easy to maintain with long lasting worktops that don’t stain easily
  • Pick from innovative storage ideas that are comfortable, spacious and easy to use
  • Workspace and storage designed keeping in mind the balance of convenience, aesthetics and functionality
  • Get it touch with our dependable post sales services, if required
  • Our kitchen is backed by Mr. Kitchen brand of trust and quality

Choosing the Right Kitchen

You can choose from a spectrum of colours and designs to create your dream kitchen. Many shutter options are available for your kitchen, such as matt, glossy, lacquered, acrylic in ply or mdf. Wide range of aluminium profile glass shutters are available for the wall cabinets. Additionally, there are rolling shutters in PVC or glass for easy access and added aesthetic value.

A kitchen without appliances is an incomplete functional space. A wide variety of accessories are available. However, since no modular kitchen company manufactures its own appliances, you can consult the designer and buy them from any company of your choice. Keeping the designer involved will help you make the right purchase in terms of compatibility.

There are two parts to your kitchen: A non-visible area of the modular furniture which can be covered with plain tiles and the visible area, or the “dado”, where you can flaunt your creative side. You can choose to use good designer tiles and composite material for the same.

Granite and composite are the popular options for a counter top. While people prefer granite for its hardness, Kalinga stone, Caesar stone or Korean are current favourites amongst composite stones.

With a number of options, you can truly indulge in your kitchen flooring. Feel free to pick from ceramic tiles, marble, mosaic tiles, vitrified tiles etc. However, do keep in mind that the kitchen flooring has to bear heavy items like gas cylinders, refrigerator etc. Hence, choose a strong, hard surface that won’t scratch easily and needs minimum maintenance. 

Most kitchens have an exhaust fan. You would have noticed grime deposits on the fan blades and the walls of the kitchen. This happens because the air has to travel up to the exhaust fan. Before it reaches the fan, the oil, smoke, vapours etc. get deposited on the surface they come in touch with. Further, the fans are so far from the hob, the vapours spread into the house, making it smell like your dinner!

To ensure quick expulsion of these materials from the kitchen, the chimney is placed right above the hob/stove. From here all the dust, grime etc. is sucked and thrown out of the kitchen by powerful blowers of the chimney. Not only do chimneys ensure a cleaner breathing environment in your kitchen, they are quite functional with built-in lights etc. Plus they are designed in a way that they only add to the beauty of your kitchen.

You can choose to go solo or mix and match these to bring out the best in your kitchen.

Many shutter options are available for your kitchen, such as matt laminated (on mdf or ply), glossy laminated (on mdf or ply), PU painted and lacquered (on mdf), acrylic ( on ply or mdf). Wide range of aluminium profile plain or back painted glass shutters are available for a sleeker look. Additionally, there are rolling shutters in PVC or glass for easy access and added aesthetic value.

Buying and Maintaining

A new kitchen is an exciting idea. And we know that you would put in utmost care to finalise its look. You can visit any of our stores and see how things will look once put together. Our assembled kitchen displays will help you choose the colour, design and material. Our designers at the store will help you find the most suitable options for your kitchen needs.

They will understand your requirements and materialize it in the form of a presentation, accessories, budgets and time line. Once you agree to the proposed plans, they will put it into execution. And voila! In a few weeks, you will have your brand new kitchen ready.

The best way is to first assess the kitchen area, the number of utensils, the amount of storage space required as well as your daily habits to create a mental blueprint of your needs. Your dream kitchen is all about convenience so don’t be shy to discuss the smallest of your preferences at length. Taking every family member’s requirements into consideration also helps greatly.

The cost of a modular kitchen is a function of many aspects. While size does affect the cost, it is not the only factor on the basis of which the cost can be quoted. The chosen material, hardware, number of shelves, kind of baskets, drawer systems and accessories used, etc. makes a great difference and should be considered to calculate the budget.

Yes, an additional fee towards designing the kitchen is payable. However, it is a small fee and gets adjusted in the final billing of the product. But the fee ensures that a dedicated designer is involved in the making of your kitchen at every step of the way: From site visit for measurement to proposing the final design and accessories that should be ordered.

Creating a modular kitchen is a step wise procedure that starts with site visit.

  • Our team will visit your home and get the measurements of your kitchen to begin with the design process
  • Once the design is finalised, the orders will be placed for manufacturing
  • The products will be shipped from the factory
  • Our team will come and install it in your home

After finalizing the order, the kitchen will be ready in 45-60 days.

When you’ve made your kitchen with so much care and concern, taking care of it in a certain manner will help it last long. This is what you can do:

  • Regularly clean the cabinets and drawers with a soft cloth. The units and drawers would be made of wood or similar material, so do not use water to clean them
  • Do not keep harsh chemicals and detergents in your cleaning kit. They can spoil the design and the finishing of the worktops. It is advisable to use mild cleaning agents to preserve the colours and design of the kitchen
  • It is a good practice to keep the drawers and cabinets of the kitchen closed while cooking. If something does fall into them, clean them immediately
  • Use a dry cloth to wipe any water that may have spilled out of the sink. Ensure the plumbing does not get blocked due to garbage – dispose small food particles properly
  • Operate your drawers and doors gently, do not bang them shut to ensure longevity. If you observe any abnormal sound or restricted movement, call the dealer immediately
  • Use a soft cloth and a mild cleanser instead of sharp objects like knives and scrubs to clean the surfaces

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