3 reasons why not to get a ready-made kitchen platform while buying a house

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Most builders provide a basic platform or in some cases a basic standard kitchen with some drawers. If you’re planning to go for a modular kitchen, you should avoid the platform offered by the builders which always has a slope due to lack of high precision work by the common construction workers in India. Now, you might wonder, what difference does a platform-less kitchen make?

Let us clear your doubts. Below are the 3 significant reasons why not to get a kitchen platform for your new house.

  1. Poor space utilization

You squeeze the best value out of your new modular kitchen when you give a modular kitchen dealer in Pune a bare room to work in. The problem with an existing platform is that when you install a new cabinet or pantry unit, you don’t get the maximum storage space. The pre-existing vertical that supports the platform takes a significant amount of space which could otherwise have been utilised to optimise storage space had the platform not existed.

  • Compromise on quality work

Due to variance in the quality of civil work the height of the platform can vary significantly between its two ends, thereby making it difficult for you to install the perfect modular kitchen no matter how much you spend.Due to the existence of ‘kadappa’ platform under the granite, the modular kitchen installers have no option but to provide a 4-inch ‘panipatti’ which is the facade of your platform.

As a result, the height of the second drawer has to be reduced which results in a situation where you are unable to accommodate your standard 2 kg containers which usually have a height of 8 inches to 8.5 inches.

In such situations, people end up having no choice but to keep their 2 kg containers in the bottom (third) drawer where you lose storage space in the upper part of the bottom drawer, thus, having improper space utilization even in your new modular kitchen.

  • Additional expenditure 

The amount of money you spend on getting a new home does not include a fully furnished kitchen. In other words, you will still have to spend on getting your kitchen made before it is a fully functional area of your home. Then why opt for the builder to provide you with a platform? To get a perfect modular kitchen, you will have to break the existing platform.That would mean you’ll be unnecessarily spending additional money!

While there is always the option of going in for a Semi-Modular kitchen to save on the  cost for the modular kitchen, not having a platform allows you the freedom of choosing a perfectly designed modular kitchen which will give you the rich look and feel of a modern kitchen and become the envy of your friends and family alike. Such finishing is unmatched from a semi-modular kitchen no matter how much you spend on the hardware and materials.

Think about it. You don’t buy a bottle cap and then search for a bottle that will fit the cap, right? In the same way, getting a platform, then building a modular kitchen around it is the wrong way to go about it. Because the latest modular kitchen platforms are installed on the carcass of the kitchen, we take into consideration all your requirements and convenience we provide ergonomically designed kitchens with the appropriate height to allow sufficient space within all the drawers to optimise storage within the kitchen.

Mr. Kitchen is one of the leading modular kitchen manufacturers in Pune and we have been providing cutting-edge modular kitchen design in Pune for the past 12 years. Our team of well trained modular kitchen designers can help you in bringing your dream kitchen to reality.

So the next time when your friends and family plan on buying a new house, keep in mind to tell the builder “not” to provide a platform for your kitchen. Buying a new home without a platform will not only save you money but will help you to select the best modular kitchen of your choice!

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