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The kitchen of the century

In a world, where change is the only constant, buildings are changing. And now, even kitchens are metamorphosized into a place of fun, adventure, memories, and a get-together. The current trend in kitchens is changing and today a special type of kitchen is going viral in the market which is the island kitchen. 

We aren’t romanticizing but these island kitchens are elegant pieces innovated by interior designers that revolutionized the modular kitchen design in India. And in this article, we are going in-depth about island kitchens, their uses, types, and budget ranges.

What is an island kitchen? 

An island kitchen is a type of modular kitchen that has all the basic necessities along with a counter table in the middle of the kitchen. This countertop table is a place for cooking, which contains an ample amount of space. The island kitchen has become the big cheese in today’s industry. Because the countertop is a cook-cum-dining made table. That seems wonderful to save so much space inside the home. 

This fully functional kitchen island is a good option for both small and large homes as the kitchen merges into a multipurpose dining delight. 

Why do you want to consider having a kitchen island?

The main functionality of the kitchen island layout is to maximize the storage space that minimizes the area navigating to the dining space. These kitchen island plans also add aesthetics and a unique charm to the kitchen. Island kitchens can be integrated with multiple modular kitchen types such as L-shaped or U shaped. This is a wonderful technique to use in the cooking area for a delightful culinary experience as well. 

How to plan and design a kitchen island layout?

An island kitchen design is the best appealing when spiced up with texture, color, and gradient. The island kitchen can be custom designed according to your needs and requirements. Before starting to construct a new kitchen, you might need to consider a few tips from Mr.Kitchen which are definitely the cherry on top. 

  • Blueprint your existing kitchen layout if you are re-engineering your kitchen. Look out how can you optimize the space for the island kitchen design plan. 
  • Plan an assessment on the kitchen triangle. The kitchen should be in such a way that it should have enough space in between the kitchen triangle.
  • Make sure you have ample space around the modern kitchen island, especially around the countertop. 
  • Pre-decide the texture, color, gradient, and design for the latest kitchen island design.
  • Choose the material for the countertop. It should be well furnished, equally aesthetic, and beautiful. There are many options like quartz, granite, marble, and many others.

What type of kitchen layouts can fit in the kitchen island?

There are different types of kitchen islands that you can consider while devising multi-functional kitchen islands. As aforementioned, you can integrate kitchen islands with various kitchen layouts depending on the size and shape of the existing kitchen. Here are some designs to consider. 

  • L-shaped modern kitchen island

    If you have a large space calculated around your kitchen area, then you can definitely consider an L-shaped kitchen with a countertop in the middle. This works for big homes which have a bigger plan for kitchen islands. 

  • U-shaped kitchen island

    The kitchen layout plans with the island fitted in u shape layout are pretty space-consuming and work for large conventional houses. This is perfect for the storage of large appliances and utensils. Having said that, it is not recommended for homes with less space as it looks disorganized. 

  • Kitchen island table

    This space-out modular island kitchen design with no slabs and frills is considered simple and practical. But this turns out to be a little boring as these don’t include any additional accessories. It doesn’t require much space and doesn’t cost many financial allocations. 

  • Portable kitchen trolley island 

    Any kitchen space, no matter how big or tiny, will benefit from a movable storage island. Being a mobile option, it allows you to move it around and change the design of your space whenever you choose. The rolling wooden kitchen stands come in a variety of sizes, hues, and materials and are inexpensive and simple to move.

Type of kitchen island designs

Apart from different kitchen layouts that can be fitted to kitchen island songs we have different types of kitchen island designs depending on the home and the style.

  1. Traditional kitchen island designs

    island traditional kitchen design
    Traditional kitchen islands portray a vintage-style kitchen that has cabinets of wood instead of modern glass doors. It looks like a conventional old-school kitchen style with a marble/ granite countertop in the center of the kitchen. And yet, this is a top choice for many families. The kitchen encompasses classic elements including sink accessories that depict historical nostalgia. Featured by boldly painted walls this can be more attractive by unique lighting. 

  2. Modern kitchen island designs

    modern kitchen island designs
    This latest kitchen island design has a charm because of its monotonous choice of color and texture, glass doors, fine finish countertops, and modern accessories. Choosing a contrasting and distinguished color for a part of the kitchen could make it more stunning and vague. The kitchen can be made more contemporary by choosing a monochrome color, all-black or all-white gradients. 

  3. Linear kitchen island design

    Linear Kitchen island design
    The linear kitchen layout with island has a minimalist approach just like the kitchen island table with minimal accessories. This includes the slab in a linear style in a straight design with a sleek edge. This is great for smaller kitchens and doesn’t consume more space. With the right kind of lighting, the island design will have an outstanding look at budget-friendly prices. 

Modular kitchen islands could be a great option for those who prefer aesthetics along with comfort and convenience. For more information about kitchen intelligence, visit our website and contact us for a detailed discussion with our team. We will help you in guiding you about the best kitchen layouts and types according to your needs. 

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