Different Types of Modular Kitchen Cabinets & Their Uses

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Are you planning on installing a brand new modular kitchen setup in your home?

If yes, you should know that a typical modular kitchen offers users with a fully-functional design and a set of pre-designed cabinets. These cabinets are designed in such a way that they can easily be set up to be assembled as well as disassembled with utmost ease whenever required. And apart from offering excellent storage space in a space restricted kitchen area, the presence of a modern modular kitchen in Pune also makes the kitchen area appear highly appealing and adds a modern touch. The best modular kitchen designs are all about drawers and cabinets. When all of these cabinets and drawers come together, they combine to create a modular kitchen setup that you can purchase from modular kitchen manufacturers in Pune.

Here is a list of the varying styles of modular kitchen cabinets that you can install in your home.

Base Cabinets: The cabinet area that you can see below the granite or countertop in any modular kitchen is the base cabinet area. These cabinets offer a large amount of storage space and are perfect for storing almost anything from big kitchen utensils to small cutlery items. In addition to the storage functionality, the base cabinets also offer great support the slab region of the kitchen. These base cabinets are ideal to store any of your kitchen utensils and appliances.

Overhead Cabinets: The main function of the overhead cabinets in any lifestyle kitchen setup is to offer the ease of accessibility to a myriad of kitchen essentials like spices, pulses, and so more while you are cooking. Overhead cabinets are the ones that are placed on the kitchen wall directly above the countertop or granite slab. The placement of overhead cabinets or the wall cabinets is optional.

If you have the desired budget, then you can go for placing them. If not, the base cabinets would do the job. While installing these cabinets, you can choose from a variety of designs that would greatly depend on the overall look of your kitchen as well as on the amount of storage space required by you. When compared to base cabinets, overhead cabinets tend to have lesser depth. Overhead cabinets can also be designed up to the ceiling to create even more storage space if you like.

Tall Cabinets: Tall cabinets are generally found in a modular kitchen setup that comes with a larger overall area. Tall kitchen cabinets are ideal for storing a plethora of kitchen items like pickle jars, cookie boxes, jam bars, groceries, ready to eat food items, and so more. Hence, if you happen to have a spacious kitchen area in your home, then you can consider installing the tall cabinets in your modern kitchen for maximizing storage space. These cabinets can be effortlessly used for storing extra and bulky items that you would use less often.

While planning out your modular kitchen in Pune, you can consider these types of cabinets for the kitchen area or modular kitchen dealers in Pune.

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