Modular Kitchen Designs for Small Kitchens

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Modular kitchen ideas for small kitchens- worth it?

You might be wondering what if all the modular kitchen design suits only the perfect, big, luxurious kitchens. You are wrong. And to prove it, we have come up with some nice kitchen ideas that are unique, extraordinary, and totally affordable kitchen designs for your dream to come true.

What’s the big deal about the modular kitchen for small kitchens?

Small Indian modular kitchen designs for home

It’s a misconception to believe that modular kitchens are for big and spacious kitchens. And therefore, in this article, we are here to break the myth and take you through some awesome designs you would love for your kitchen no matter how small.

Modular designs can modernize your kitchen while saving your spaStylish modular kitchen designs for small kitchensce. Learn about contemporary tiny space modular kitchen designs and ideas.

Small kitchens may appear claustrophobic and unorganized, but you may repurpose the room. The secret is to use clever ideas to give the impression that the room is larger. Therefore, with better space utilization, modular kitchens are the best option for small kitchens.

Is it available in India?

There are plenty of resourceful options including small Indian modular kitchen designs to go for in India. The modular kitchen design in India depends on major features and is constructed accordingly.

  •   The shape of the kitchen: Designers see which design will go with the shape of the existing kitchen.
  •   The size of the kitchen: some modular kitchen designs go well with the size of kitchen
  •   Budget: A crucial point to consider when constructing. You don’t want to end up buying loans for kitchen interiors
  •   Desire: Interest or desire for a specific design also matters while designing a kitchen idea.
  •   Type of location: The type of kitchen also depends on the location sometimes as some types of kitchen demand marble and granite which are not suitable for cold climates.

If you have a very small modular kitchen design we have some tricks for you to enhance them without actually making it a big deal.

Trendy modular designs for small space kitchen

Small parallel kitchen design ideas for home

Even the tiniest of the home can be refurbished into a compact and comfortable modular kitchen design. And these tactics are majorly in the hands of an expert interior designer. Its specialization lies in small space parallel kitchen design that is smart and contemporary.

Mr.Kitchen has 500+ major designs that fit your small and large space kitchen areas to make them look just like your dreams. I

Island with a rack

Save the space for tiny objects. You can always look for aesthetically beautiful kitchen solutions that are comfortable for small kitchen spaces. Just a few minor changes and adjustments would take your kitchen to the next level. Along with a lot of storage space in the cabinets and drawers, the kitchen island cart has a towel rack and a spice rack on opposite sides. It also has a drop-leaf top for an additional dining room. Just add these stylish bar stools for the kitchen island!

Rolling wooden carts

We understand the pros and cons of a small kitchen kitchen design and this tip can really save you! Ever heard of a rolling island? This is a go-to space-saver for those who have a very short space for a kitchen. This rolling island can wander around and save space when needed. Probably made of wood with wheels on the bottom, this island has 2 or 3 cabinets to store accessories and condiments. This can be a dual purpose with dining cum storage options.

Concealed kitchen storage cabinet

This extra tall freestanding pantry, which has a beautiful panel design, is a welcome addition to any kitchen. It features two huge cupboards with shelves that can be moved, two drawers, and space for placemats, silverware, and other items. Many consumers who have purchased it say it looks superior in person, giving it hundreds of five-star reviews. Keep one of these kitchen step stools close by if you need to access the top shelf.

A blend of open and closed shelves!

As it says too much can be too boring, in a modular kitchen, you can mix and match both open and closed shelves to make it more visually enhancing. This especially suits small spaces and can show up your personality as well. This transforms blank and empty walls into much more vitalized and vivacious kitchen shelves without making them look boring.

Mirrors in the kitchen

Though not subjected specifically to a small modular kitchen design, having mirrors in the kitchen changes the overall structure of the kitchen. It enhances the size and makes it appear larger and more spacious. It also adds brightness as it reflects the light from the outside to the inside. There will always be a golden yellow light sparkling in the kitchen.

Make your cabinets slim and tall

Gather your accessories in a tall and slim cabinet that can save your space hugely. Pull-out ladders are highly efficient, functional, and organizational that offer a maximum space saving of 70%. This looks like a small bookshelf that contains accessories. The greatest way to utilize vertical wall space in the kitchen is with tall unit cabinets.

Additionally, when not in use, they can be used to store electronic appliances. By doing this, you can avoid having your countertop look cluttered with cords and equipment that you might normally keep there.

Being a minimalist!

Very small modular kitchen design for home

Being minimalist helps you to look spacious and luxurious at the same time. With all the accessories and cabinets, store them in a structural and organizational way to ensure you have a calm and composed kitchen. Ultimately, food is just a reason, it’s the bond and brotherhood we share.

Mr.Kitchen offers plenty of options to go modular. Modular wardrobes, kitchens, and bedrooms are the resourceful options that we offer with expertise. With over 1000s of projects and happily made kitchens, we have brought a number of happy families together. With that, we have emerged as a global provider of budget modular kitchens in Pune across India.


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