Plan your perfect modular kitchen

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You’ve got your mind set on getting a modular kitchen. And you are at our modular kitchen showroom looking at various designs to choose from. It can get extremely confusing if you are not sure about what to look for in your new modular kitchen design. Read further to get a clear idea on how to plan out your dream kitchen your way.

Here is a list of 5 things about modular kitchen units you should keep in mind when planning your Indian style modular kitchen design.

Choose kitchen baskets

– Adding wicker baskets to your modular kitchen is an excellent way of storing vegetables such as potatoes and onions that require a dry open space for storage. You can place these baskets in the most frequently used side of your kitchen to get the best use and accessibility.

Opt for open shelves & wall accessories

– Go for open shelves or wall-hanging units. They provide you with an efficient way to reach out to your daily spices or glasses. Check out our magnetic wall hanging accessories where you can hang your knives for easy accessibility. Even keeping small plants there give your kitchen a more aesthetic appeal.

Switch to Inbuilt appliances

– Be it a fridge or an oven. If you’ve got a small kitchen, either move out your existing refrigerator or ask the modular kitchen manufacturer in Pune to get you an inbuilt appliance space. Also, opt for chimneys which give a chic look.

Mix tall units & cabinets
-Going for only wall cabinets will give your kitchen a boxed-in look. You can add some aesthetics and convenience to your kitchen by adding some tall units which can give your kitchen a more modern look.

Know which layout fits the best
– It’s always a clever idea to know what layout can take shape in your kitchen. The most popular contemporary modular kitchen layout is the L-shape kitchen layout. But that’s not the only option, check out our Kitchen layout that complements your home to know more about the layouts you can choose from.

Now that you have a picture of what you want, when you visit Mr. Kitchen, one of the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Pune, you will know what exactly you’re looking for in your dream kitchen.

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