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How Is an L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Design Advantageous

L-shaped modular kitchen- the ‘Love kitchen’ If you have recently been busy looking through magazines and various blogs for that ideal modular kitchen design l shape layout, then there is one layout that has always been prominent and likely was featured at the top of every blog, and that pattern is the L-Shaped layout. It […]

Modular Wardrobe New Designs To Transform Your Bedroom

Modular Wardrobe New Designs- Boring to Beautiful There are both visible and invisible wardrobes. Depending on how they were created. They are among the least noticeable pieces of furniture in a house, but they have the biggest impact. They are designed specifically for storage and are covert, frequently invisible. However, wardrobes have witnessed a miraculous […]

The Complete Guide To Island Kitchen Design by Mr.kitchen

The kitchen of the century In a world, where change is the only constant, buildings are changing. And now, even kitchens are metamorphosized into a place of fun, adventure, memories, and a get-together. The current trend in kitchens is changing and today a special type of kitchen is going viral in the market which is […]

Modular Kitchen Cabinets: Types and Uses

Introduction In recent years, a modular kitchen has emerged as a crucial house component where maximal storage in constrained space is envisaged. Let’s start by realizing that a modular kitchen creates one tall storage space by combining various storage modules. Everyone wants a clean, uncluttered tabletop or cabinet since it is more functional.  And the […]

10 Modular Kitchen Design Tips From Mr. Kitchen

Introduction If you are wondering how your cabinet, pullovers, and modules can be arranged to make your modular kitchen look perfect we‘ve got some tricks that you might never know. We know the melancholy of arranging things, especially the kitchen. And thus we are here to help you out.  The kitchen is the heart of […]
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