What is Kitchen Intelligence?

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Cooking is an art, and it’s perfectly justified to make your cooking space look absolutely stunning. But, this is the tricky part. Have you had those days when you dress up really well but that you aren’t really comfortable in it? The same goes for your kitchen! You may find an exceptionally pretty designer modular kitchen. But while you’re busy making it look aesthetically pleasing, you may miss out on the convenience you require while working in it!

Most modular kitchen dealers in Pune promote their products through eye-pleasing designs, which may pose challenges to you while you are rushing to prepare a meal for the family in the early hours of the day! A modular kitchen isn’t all about looks. What is the point of keeping an inbuilt oven when you haven’t baked in years! Or getting wicker baskets installed in the most infrequently accessed place in part of the kitchen just because it matched the decor.

Mr. Kitchen is one of the leading modular kitchen manufacturers in Pune and we provide you with ‘Kitchen Intelligence’. Ever wondered what that means? Let us explain.

At Mr. Kitchen, we take into consideration the DCBA principle before getting into the design elements of each kitchen we manufacture.

The DCBA principle stands for:

Detailed Customer Requirements

Detailed Customer Requirements
The process of making your dream kitchen begins with our qualified designers sitting with you to understand your requirements. This involves addressing questions such as your grocery shopping habits, the number of hours you spend in the kitchen, the number of family members/ servants that work together in the kitchen, your storage requirements, electrical appliances and accessories that you wish to install in your kitchen, etc.

After understanding your requirements, the information is used to prepare your kitchen’s layout and space keeping your Budget in mind. Our team of Interior Designers then bring your kitchen to life by preparing a 3-dimensional model of your modular kitchen design.

You may think that all other dealers also do the same. However, this could be the furthest from the truth. What most dealers practice is exactly the opposite of the DCBA principle wherein they lure unsuspecting customers through pretty kitchen designs which are neither practical nor convenient while using.

At Mr. Kitchen all our Interior Designers are trained to design Aesthetically beautiful kitchens!

The science that goes behind understanding our customers and designing customized kitchens for them is what we call as Kitchen Intelligence. All our kitchens are of international standards and we give you only the latest modular kitchen designs backed up by performance, convenience and a life time warranty to deliver the best value for money that you can get from your kitchen.

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