Kitchen layouts that complement your home

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Your kitchen reflects your personality and style. It casts a lasting impression on your guests. Having a sleek and smart kitchen leaves a positive impact on your guests while you are hosting. But you ought to know how to get the best out of your new modular kitchen design.

In this blog, we will talk about the different types of kitchen layouts you could opt for. For other aspects, please read our Plan your perfect modularkitchen blog.

1. L-shaped Kitchen

– L shaped modular kitchen is the most popular type of layout. The platform works on two perpendicular sides of the kitchen. You can adapt to this layout in any kitchen size.

2. Parallel Kitchen
– If you’ve got a dry balcony, storeroom door or even a window in between the walls of your kitchen, this layout will fit well. There are two platforms adjacent to the wall and parallel to each other in this type of layout. The parallel kitchens give the perfect efficiency. You can get it in medium to large sized kitchens.

3. Island Kitchen
– It is combined with other kitchen layouts, but its distinct feature is that it has an independent platform in the middle of the kitchen which can be used as a breakfast table. This type of layout requires a large / open kitchen area.

4. U-shaped Kitchen

– If you’ve got a big kitchen but don’t want an island kitchen, then the U shaped modular kitchen is the next best bet. Its platform runs through 3 walls forming a U shape. It has many cabinets, drawers and wall units. Ideal for big bungalows.
Although, you only get the freedom to choose a layout if there is no pre-existing platform. Read our The advantage of a platform less kitchen while getting a modular kitchen for more information.

5. Straight Line Kitchen

– This type of kitchen is best for studio apartments. Unlike the other layouts, it only occupies one side of the wall and provides optimum efficiency and gives the best designs of small modular kitchen.

6. Peninsular Kitchen
– Similar to the island kitchens. It has an independent platform. But unlike the island kitchen, this is connected to the main platform. Best suited for the open kitchens.

Mr. Kitchen is a prestigious modular kitchen manufacturer in Pune, with multiple modular kitchen dealers in Pune and our dedicated team of experts make sure to understand every little detail about your lifestyle and design your kitchen according to your needs. No matter what type of layout you choose, we will make sure to give you the best.

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