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How to?

How to plan your kitchen?

If you want to design your kitchen, it is a good idea to keep the following points in mind:

Right way of measuring

When remodeling your old kitchen, there are many factors you should measure before deciding the layout.
• Measure all parameters including walls that won’t have a cabinet. Starting from your left, move towards the right. Measure length of each wall and every object on it.
• While measuring windows, calculate from outer edges. Also measure the distance of the bottom edge from the floor.
• Don’t forget to identify the kind of storage required and also the size of containers that will be required.

How to design your kitchen?

See how your favourite kitchen style will look based on our displays. Personalise it to suit your requirements and kitchen size. Get a variety of choices to mix and match enhancing the appeal.

Getting help from a professional

A professional can help you think about the same space, a bit differently. While you remodel the kitchen, working with a pre-determined budget helps you get the maximum value.

How to buy your kitchen?

We provide solutions as per your requirement and budget. We are not selling you a kitchen, we are helping you buy a new one.

How to maintain your kitchen?

A modular kitchen enhances the beauty of your home immensely. It transforms the kitchen from a cooking place to a studio where you enjoy creating beautiful dishes for your special ones. So, taking care is important but doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some tips to help your modular kitchen last longer:

Clean regularly: Your modular kitchen is made of wood or similar materials. The cabinets, racks and drawers can be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth and a mild cleanser instead of water.

Use the right products to clean: To retain the finishing of your work top and the design and colour of the tiles avoid use of rough detergents and chemicals since they can cause damage.

Keep drawers etc shut: It is a good practice to keep the cabinets, shutters, drawers and racks shut while cooking otherwise they get sticky and grimy due to oil. If something falls into the drawers or racks, clean them immediately to avoid staining.

Wipe water instantly: If water spills out while using the sink, wipe the water with a dry cloth immediately. Don’t let garbage and food scraps block the plumbing.

Use hinges: To make opening and closing convenient, the drawers of your modular kitchen have high-quality hinges. If the hinges make unusual sound, check if something is blocking their smooth operation and talk to your dealer.

Be gentle with your kitchen: Keep cloth and mild cleaning agents as your primary cleaning aides to remove spots, grime and stains from the surfaces. Do not scrub with sharp objects as it spoils the finishing.